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At Kahler Financial Group, wealth planning goes far beyond helping clients build and preserve financial resources. Our team provides fee-only financial planning in a fiduciary capacity. We offer investment advice and wealth management to help you build wealth, and asset protection strategies to help you preserve it. Our services allow you to create the financial security you need to enjoy an active and independent retirement. We can assist you to define the legacy you want to leave your family and community, as well as put strategies in place to carry out that legacy.

Even more important, however, we work with you to use your resources in ways that will best meet your needs and help you achieve your dreams and goals. We take a personal, holistic approach to wealth planning, helping you make balanced and wise use of both your financial and non-financial resources to enrich your life.

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  • 2020new

    The Healing Money Issues Workshop, co-founded by Rick Kahler, CFP, CCIM and Dr. Ted Klontz, was featured on ABC’s 20/20 Friday, July 31st, 2009.


  • bookscornerRick Kahler, CFP, has co-authored four important financial books that are making a difference in how people perceive, react to, and handle money. Understanding the role money plays in your life and your perceptions of it are key to making successful financial decisions.

    Click to read more about Rick’s newest book, Wired For Wealth-Change The Money Mindsets That Keep You Trapped and Unleash Your Wealth Potential, as well as his three previous books.

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  • Investing Money In Happiness

    It turns out money can buy happiness, after all—sometimes. Having a good income and the security of money invested for the future don't insure happiness, of course. They do, however, give us a foundation that can make it easier to find happiness. Part of the secret to using money to foster happiness is knowing what to spend it on. Spending money to lift your mood—the whole "retail therapy" idea—does not lead to happiness. It provides only a momentary sense of pleasure, which often in the long run fosters unhappiness. Yet there are ways to spend money that do create happiness.… Continue reading »
  • The Investment Value of Delaying Social Security

    In a column last fall, I made the point that waiting till full retirement age or even longer to file for Social Security benefits can be a wise investment. Now financial writer Michael Kitces, in his "Nerd's Eye View" newsletter, makes the same point with a detailed analysis. His article is well worth reading, especially if you are considering early Social Security filing. Continue reading »