Nikolas Boyce, CFP®


Nikolas joined Kahler Financial Group in March 2014. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota. In February 2017, he completed the requirements to become a CFP®. Prior to joining Kahler Financial Group, he worked as a residential real property appraiser under the supervision of a Certified Residential Appraiser in south-central Minnesota.

Nikolas was born and raised in New Ulm, Minnesota. He has a twin brother, who beat him to becoming a South Dakotan by a few years. Nikolas developed a passion for organized politics during the 2012 presidential primary. In the past several years, he served as the treasurer of two Minnesota House campaign committees and a county-level party unit. He also has been a campaign strategist for a Minnesota House campaign. Currently, he volunteers by serving on several committees and the council at his church. He also enjoys traveling, photography, hiking, and watching football and college basketball.

What Nikolas Does All Day

Investment Analyst. As the Investment Analyst at Kahler Financial, I am actively involved in managing clients’ portfolios. On a daily basis, I monitor the money flows in and out of accounts. Occasionally, clients contact us requesting funds from their portfolio. If the required cash is unavailable in their primary account, then I will make trades to raise the necessary cash to fulfill the request. When cash accumulates above our minimum buy amount in an account, I invest it. I make trades in order to rebalance portfolios when an asset class exceeds the 20% tolerance bands. I maintain the rebalancing software to reflect changes in our model portfolios, as well as making sure cash reserves and household account groupings are accurate.

Another aspect of managing portfolios is education. It’s quite common for me to dedicate time each week to educating myself on our fund managers and how they are doing or researching new fund managers. Sometimes this means getting on a conference call for a quarterly update on one of our fund managers, speaking directly with a portfolio manager, or meeting with a fund manager representative. At other times, it means poring over Morningstar reports looking at portfolio composition, standard deviation, and historical returns.

On a case by case basis, I research and create allocation suggestions for non-TD Ameritrade accounts such as 401ks, 403bs, and annuities.

I also work on projects. One example of these was creating a short list of 529 savings plans with low expenses and high quality investment options.

Analytical Planner Associate. As an Analytical Planner Associate, I am involved in monitoring and implementing clients’ financial plans. In a typical week, I prepare file work for an upcoming client meeting. File work varies depending on what the client’s agenda is and what part of the planning sequence they are on. I request various documents from a client’s professionals or from clients directly. I also request updates on asset valuations from clients. I review insurance coverages, estate planning documents, tax returns, beneficiaries, and titling, and I update MoneyGuidePro retirement and cash flow plans. I participate and present information in client meetings. After a meeting has concluded, I process the notes, which entails creating or updating action items and sending out an email with reminders. When I am not preparing for an upcoming meeting, I am working on action items that are the result of a meeting or reading about planning ideas and best practices.