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KFG Use of Alternative Funds Featured in WSJ

As recent market volatility has again demonstrated, there are benefits to owning alternative funds that behave differently than stocks. Including these funds in a diversified portfolio is part of the KFG investment approach which was featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

The article, by Anand Shefali, is titled “Adviser Goes for the Alternative,” and appeared October 4 in the online edition.

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Why Shifting Tuition Payments to Retirement Fund Seldom Works

College graduation is obviously a cause for celebration. When the graduate is the youngest child, some parents have an extra reason to rejoice: no more tuition payments.

At the end of the college years, many parents who have chosen to fund their kids’ education find themselves behind on funding their own retirement. One popular solution is to plan on diverting the tuition payments to retirement plans as the kids leave college.

On paper, it’s a great solution.

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How Much Money Do You Make, Mom and Dad?

Do your kids know how much money you make? If not, and they asked, would you feel comfortable telling them?

My hunch is that the most common answer to both these questions is “No.” Talking about money is such a strong taboo that it often keeps us from sharing information about our earnings and net worth even with members of our immediate families.

Yet being honest with children about what we earn and how we spend it is a perfect opportunity to teach them important life lessons about money. Here are a few suggestions to foster those conversations:

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Challenges of Socially Responsible Investing

Balancing profits, people, and the planet can be tricky. Many investors prefer to put their funds into companies that not only make money, but that also reflect the investors’ values. Some take this concept, often described as “socially conscious” or “socially responsible” investing, very seriously. There are also financial advisors who specialize in this niche.

Yet investing in companies whose values align with your own is not as simple as it may seem.

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When Doing Nothing is Investment Strategy

A few weeks ago, when the US markets started dropping dramatically, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal called. He asked me if I had received any calls from worried clients. I told him I had heard from 5% of my clients. “What changes in their portfolios are you making?” he asked.

“I’m not making any changes to my investment strategy.”

He expressed amazement that I was not “doing something.”

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