Three Things to Know About Life Insurance

Here are three points about life insurance that many life insurance salespeople would prefer you not to know: 1. Not everyone needs it. 2. Those who most need it are often least able to afford it. 3. It is not a good investment. Let’s take a deeper look at each point.

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New CFP Board Code of Conduct Standards Are ‘A Mess’

Recently I was quoted regarding the New CFP Board Code of Conduct Standards saying: The new standards are “a mess for the consumer [and will lead to] advertising by advisors that is not honest and is a step short of fraudulent,” said Rick Kahler, a member of the institute and president of Kahler Financial Group […]

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Think markets are moody? How about investors?

In a recent article, Deborah Nason explores the following ideas. Financial advisors may handle wild market swings like pros, but the same cannot always be said for their clients. Approaches to handling investors fears can include re-framing the issue for worried clients, educating them about market dynamics and even imposing an informal news blackout. In […]

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