Save for Retirement, or Hope for Mystical Resolution?

Hello everyone! My name is Sterling Gray. I’m a resident planner here at Kahler Financial Group, and I’m making my first appearance on the blog. One of the primary reasons that I entered the financial planning profession is to help people reach a secure retirement. Some years ago, I noticed that my friends and colleagues, […]

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The Millionaire Class

A few weeks ago I wrote about the increasing use of the term “Investor Class” as an inaccurate and generally disparaging synonym for the rich. The same day I wrote that piece, a reader sent me an article by Christopher Ingraham that appeared December 7, 2017, in The Washington Post. It was titled, “Economy is […]

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Money Wellness – Moving Toward Happiness

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘money is the root of all evil!’ Well, that’s not necessarily true but it is a catalyst for many good and not-so-good occasions in life. Discover tools to have a happy and productive relationship with money in a one-on-one session sponsored by Community Education of the Black Hills.

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