Retirement Planning and Retirement Preparation

Retirement planning is one of the issues that commonly leads clients to consult financial advisers. One of its essential aspects is creating a plan to save and invest in order to provide a comfortable retirement income. Ideally, this starts many years ahead of retirement, even as early as your first paycheck. As retirement comes closer, […]

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Improve Your Money Relationship with Sarah Swantner

Have you ever wondered why you don’t like to spend money, or maybe spend too much? Why does talking about money in the home cause tension, if you discuss it at all? You aren’t alone. Most of us struggle with memories, misunderstandings, or cultural expectations regarding money, and it keeps us stuck in a cycle […]

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Rick Honored as “Distinguished Adjunct Professor”

Rick learned this week he was appointed to the rank of Distinguished Adjunct Professor by Golden Gate University, located in San Francisco, CA. “This is the highest rank that can be conferred upon a member of our adjunct faculty,” noted Barbara Karlin, Vice President for Academic Affairs. Since 2009, Rick has taught a graduate course […]

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