Roth IRA Tax Strategies, Part Two

Last week I covered strategies for when to use Roth IRAs. An additional aspect of Roths is the benefit of being able to do a conversion from a traditional IRA to a Roth. It is best to consider doing a Roth conversion when your current tax bracket declines temporarily below the bracket you expect to […]

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Roth IRA Tax Strategies, Part One

When saving money for retirement, taxes are not your friend. Their impact, even for those in lower tax brackets, can significantly reduce one’s retirement income. One of the better vehicles Congress created to help people save money that can grow tax-free is the Roth IRA. Unlike a traditional IRA, there is no current tax deduction […]

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Feelings Are Normal, But Not Reliable Investment Guides

The first week of January 2016 I talked with a retired man in need of some retirement planning. He had a portfolio of about $1,000,000 invested in money market and certificates of deposit. His Social Security income was about $25,000 and his lifestyle spending was around $60,000, meaning he needed to withdraw about 3.5% annually […]

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Financial Consigliere Can Help Resolve Money Issues

“I am tormented by the guilt of inheriting millions of dollars.” I heard this statement in 2000 from a young man who had inherited his parent’s fortune. I remember that moment clearly, not so much because of the statement but because of my reaction, which was one of disdain, disgust, and envy. I wanted to […]

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Rick Quoted in New York Times Article

Ron Lieber, “Your Money” columnist for The New York Times and author of The Opposite of Spoiled, has an excellent article in the August 26 online issue of The Times entitled “7 Essential Money Questions Sure to Start a Conversation.” Rick is one of the financial advisers cited in the article.

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