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Risk of Comparing Portfolio Apples to US Stock Oranges

It may be entertaining to watch Donald Trump point his finger and curtly say, “You’re fired!” When a client says the same thing to me, it isn’t so funny.

I’m especially not amused if a client fires me because their diversified portfolio is underperforming the US stock market and they abandon the strategy. The result is often a financial travesty.

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Women’s Confidence in Being Prepared for Retirement

When it comes to being financially prepared for retirement, Chinese women are the most confident women in the world. In fact, they are almost twice as confident as their US counterparts.

This conclusion comes from a 2014 global survey, the Aegon Retirement Readiness Index. It found that the percentage of women saying they are very confident or extremely confident about retirement is 42% in China, 35% in India, 29% in Brazil, 22% in the US, and 18% in Canada.

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What Is Your Financial Planner’s Core Purpose?

What do comprehensive financial planners really do? The surface answer is that planners provide advice and services in the areas of investments, retirement planning, estate planning, cash flow management, tax planning, and asset protection.

In order to find a financial planning firm that’s a good fit for you, however, you might want to find out more about the core purpose that underlies all these services. Any successful company will have a clear vision of its purpose, and its staff members should be able and willing to discuss that purpose with you.

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Rick Quoted in Article on Business Succession Planning

If you own a small business, it’s important to create a succession plan to provide for yourself, your family, and your employees when the time comes for you to step down. Yet many business owners neglect this crucial task, according to a new article by Anna Robaton titled “Most small-business owners aren’t planning ahead.” Rick is cited in the article, published March 2 at

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Exquisite Listening Workshop With Dr. Ted Klontz

This July, Dr. Ted Klontz will come to Rapid City to present a three-day workshop on “Exquisite Listening.” You might consider this workshop if you are interested in improving the quality of your relationships with partners, family members, friends, co-workers, and yourself.

Over the course of three days, participants practice listening and experiencing what it truly means to be listened to, something that many previous attendees have reported never ever experiencing. While Ted will share the latest research on human behavior and why it is important in relating to others, most of the learning is in practicing various listening and communicating skills with fellow participants.

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