Financial Therapy Workshop

One of the Counselor’s KFG works with for Financial Counseling, Dave Jetson, is hosting a Financial Therapy Workshop September 25th-September 28th.  The workshop is designed for anyone that would like to better understand their relationship with money.   It will explore: • Shopping patterns rather than shopping with self worth •money triggers •underlying beliefs and […]

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No Such Thing as a Free Pet

“Want a kitten? It’s free.” This is an offer that I would turn down in a heartbeat. My lack of enthusiasm for cats would far outweigh my frugal appreciation of getting something for nothing. Even the most ardent cat lover, though, would be wise to think twice before accepting a free kitten. Just as there […]

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Reminder-Improve Your Money Relationship with Sarah Swantner

Have you ever wondered why you don’t like to spend money, or maybe spend too much? Why does talking about money in the home cause tension, if you discuss it at all? You aren’t alone. Most of us struggle with memories, misunderstandings, or cultural expectations regarding money, and it keeps us stuck in a cycle […]

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