The Millionaire Class

A few weeks ago I wrote about the increasing use of the term “Investor Class” as an inaccurate and generally disparaging synonym for the rich. The same day I wrote that piece, a reader sent me an article by Christopher Ingraham that appeared December 7, 2017, in The Washington Post. It was titled, “Economy is […]

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Money Wellness – Moving Toward Happiness

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘money is the root of all evil!’ Well, that’s not necessarily true but it is a catalyst for many good and not-so-good occasions in life. Discover tools to have a happy and productive relationship with money in a one-on-one session sponsored by Community Education of the Black Hills.

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Understanding Why Money Affects Your Emotional Health

The seemingly cold and calculating world of investing is driven by emotions! Economic theory is being skewed as economists realize consumers are making irrational decisions not in their best interests. Just like an alcoholic, we become intoxicated on easy credit, credit cards, financial entitlements and living a lifestyle that’s a lie!

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