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Judge Financial Gurus With Common Sense

“I see that firm’s ads everywhere.” “His books are best-sellers.” “That advisor does all kinds of free seminars for retirees.” “She’s on TV all the time.”

When a financial advisor, someone with a radio or television show, or an author of financial books becomes well-known, it’s easy to assume you can trust that person’s advice. This isn’t necessarily the case.

Recently I was selected by an Internet community site called as one of their top 50 “social influencers.” This is a list of professionals in the areas of wealth and personal finance who use social media and other Internet tools effectively.

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New Member of KFG Team, Nikolas Boyce

As a teenager, Nikolas Boyce was fascinated by investing and dreamed of a career helping people prosper financially. We’re pleased to have him begin that career with Kahler Financial Group. He joined us in March 2014 as our Financial Planning and Investment Analyst Associate.

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Successful Succession Planning Starts Early

Building a successful small business is somewhat like being a parent. You start with an infant enterprise that needs constant attention and often deprives you of sleep. You foster it through various stages of growth, including some rocky times, and enjoy seeing it become able to stand on its own. And eventually, you may rely on it to carry on your legacy and take care of you financially.

Making that transition from taking care of your business to having the business take care of you is the purpose of succession planning, which helps ensure the orderly transfer of a business to the next generation.

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Rick Part of Financial Planning Panel on KEVN Focus

The “Focus” program with news director Jack Caudill on KEVN Black Hills Fox recently featured a panel discussion on financial planning. Rick was one of the guests, along with Jeff Wangen from Waddell and Reed and Terry Mills from Consumer Credit Counseling.

The half-hour discussion includes some excellent information on financial planning, common financial mistakes, the value of starting early to invest for the future, and the long-term benefits of a frugal lifestyle.

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With Gratitude to a Financial Planning Mentor

I was in a cab, returning to our ship after a day of touring Belfast, Ireland, when I received a text from my father: “George Chell passed away this morning.” George was my long-time friend, mentor, and former business partner. He was 92.

Fundamentally, the profession of financial planning comes down to helping foster clients’ well-being. The work we do is not just about investment returns, wealth building, or estate planning. It is about supporting clients in creating and enjoying the lives they want to live. Both professionally and personally, George Chell lived that philosophy.

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