Reminder-Improve Your Money Relationship with Sarah Swantner

Have you ever wondered why you don’t like to spend money, or maybe spend too much? Why does talking about money in the home cause tension, if you discuss it at all? You aren’t alone. Most of us struggle with memories, misunderstandings, or cultural expectations regarding money, and it keeps us stuck in a cycle […]

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Mix of Bonds in Diversified Portfolio

As I pointed out last week, bonds are the hardest investment class for most people to understand. Just to make things more complicated, not all bonds are the same. There are great differences between government, corporate, long-term, short-term, TIPS and high-yield bonds.

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A Graphic Look at Retirement Savings

Financial journalist Megan Wells of InvestmentZen recently published an article that uses infographics as well as text to show how Americans are saving (or more accurately, not saving) for retirement. The piece offers substantial information in a way that’s easy to understand.

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