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Still Space In July Listening Workshop With Dr. Ted Klontz

A few spots are still open in the “Exquisite Listening” workshop to be presented by Dr. Ted Klontz in July. The workshop will be held Thursday through Saturday, July 16, 17, and 18, at the K Bar S Lodge near Keystone, a beautiful and comfortable spot in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

You might consider this workshop if you are interested in improving the quality of your relationships with partners, family members, friends, co-workers, and yourself.

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Do You Think of Your Financial Planner as Family?

Your financial planner may know more about you than your doctor does. When significant life events—engagements, pregnancies, career successes and setbacks, or serious illnesses—affect your family, the planner is often one of the first people to know.

Does that mean you think of your financial planner as part of the family? According to a recent article by Deborah Nason for CNBC, some planners would like you to see them in that light.

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DIY Prenup a Tool for Engaged Couples

Here’s a quick quiz on money and marriage. Which of the following engaged couples needs a prenuptial agreement about finances?

A. He’s a wealthy celebrity with several previous marriages; she’s decades younger with no wealth to speak of.
B. Both are in their 50’s, with successful careers, substantial net worth, and adult children from previous marriages.
C. They’re in their 20’s, just starting out, with jobs and college debt and high hopes for the future.

The right answer?

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Consumer Complaint? State Office Has Your Back

You pay a contractor to fix a drainage problem in your yard, only to discover with the next rain that you have a swimming pool in your basement. You keep getting phone calls from a collection agency about a debt you paid off three years ago. Your landlord isn’t doing anything about the tenants in the next apartment who just got a pit bull in spite of the “no pets” clause in the lease.

To resolve problems like this, you can take advantage of a resource you may not know you have.

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Find Out If Fiduciary Duty is Required From Commission-Based Advisor

Can a financial advisor represent your best interests and still earn a commission? Surprisingly, this can sometimes be the case. It’s up to you to find out.

Being required to put the consumer’s interest first, which means representing a client rather than selling products and services to a customer is called having a fiduciary duty. While fee-only planners are inherently fiduciaries, they don’t exclusively own the fiduciary domain. The definition of a fiduciary duty does not inherently ban receiving commissions.

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