First Steps on Path to Financial Security

My hunch is that most people would agree they “should” invest for the future. My second hunch is that many of them don’t know how to start and are afraid of making serious mistakes. One of our resident planners, Sterling Gray, summed up that fear eloquently in a post on the KFG blog: “I noticed […]

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Pot Pie Portfolio a Tasty Investment Recipe

How can I expect a pot pie—a savory pastry with a mixture of potatoes, vegetables, and beef chunks—to taste like a beef pot roast? Even though beef is an ingredient in a pot pie, no reasonable diner would expect the two meals to taste the same. But that same reasonable diner might be perfectly comfortable […]

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CFP Board-Revised Proposed Standards Discussion Webinar

The CFP Board’s revised proposed standards are under review and expected to be put out this next quarter. They include a strong statement describing fiduciary duties of loyalty and care. This is good. The problem, however, is a strong statement is not enough to reliably deliver fiduciary conduct. Though major shortcomings persist, they can be […]

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