Hidden Costs of Financial Product Sales

What’s wrong with earning a commission from the sale of a financial product? Nothing. It isn’t any more inappropriate than a car salesperson earning a commission when you buy a vehicle. Yet there’s one important difference. When you buy a car the roles are clear. You know going in that the salesperson is there to […]

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Workshop: Financial Sobriety–Making Sound Financial Decisions

How do we wean ourselves from financial dependency and take back control of our lives? Rick’s workshop on Financial Sobriety provides specific time-tested principles to set you on the path to financial health and recovery. Join us Wednesday, Feb 15, at 4 pm at the Kahler Financial Group office for this class. Tuition is $25 […]

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For Seniors: Giving Up The Checkbook, Part Two

For seniors, arranging to entrust financial affairs to someone else is an important part of preparing for old age. Once you have chosen a surrogate and dealt with some of the details laid out in last week’s column, one question remains. How will the transition occur? Here are some suggestions.

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