Community Education Class-Emotions & Money

Emotions & Money Instructor: Sarah Swantner and/or Rick Kahler Thursday, 10/12, 4:00-6:00PM Cost: $25.00 per session Even the seemingly cold and calculating world of investing is driven by emotions! Economic theory is being skewed as economists realize consumers are making irrational decisions not in their best interests. Just like an alcoholic, we become intoxicated on […]

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Reduce Investment Costs With Institutional Shares

One of the low points of my career was the day I lost a client because another advisor “had found a way to put their clients into the lowest cost shares available only to large institutions.” This experience was especially painful because, through my office, the client already was invested in those same low-cost shares. […]

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Risks of Financial Advice from Family and Friends

Here’s a risk to your financial health that may surprise you: following poor financial advice or buying expensive investments from relatives and friends. There are two reasons for this. First, we tend to trust and rely on people we know. Second, research finds that humans have a deep-seated desire to meet the needs of others, […]

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