What Not To Do In a Long Bull Market

March 9, 2017, was the eighth birthday of the bull market in the US S&P 500. In its lifetime it gained 314.4%, an average annual return of 19.4%. This raises a question as to how much longer it will last. An article posted on, “Seven Signs We’re Near a Market Top and What to […]

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Rapid City Journal Cuts Back Sunday Business Section

The Rapid City Journal informed us this week that they will be cutting back the size of the Sunday business section. Instead of publishing Rick’s column every Sunday, the paper will run it every other week. Rick will still write his column every week, but readers of the Rapid City Journal will miss the off-week […]

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A Huge Loss for the Financial Planning Profession

The financial planning profession lost one of its most significant figures this past week. Richard Wagner, my friend and mentor, died suddenly. Dick, a longtime financial planner in Colorado, was one of the pioneers and thought leaders of personal financial planning. His visionary leadership and commentary were closely followed and highly respected by financial planners […]

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