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Equal Inheritances Not Always Fair

In estate planning, “equal” isn’t necessarily the same as “fair”. I rarely see an estate plan that does not treat children equally. When I do see inequality, it’s usually because a parent is estranged from one child and leaves him or her nothing.

Dividing an estate into equal shares for each child might seem to be the obvious way to treat children fairly. However, that usually only works if you’ve treated them equally during your lifetime. If you have given more to one child during life, it’s usually smart to level the playing field at death.

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Your Kids – Genetics, Parents, and Money All Matter

The determining factor that may give your kids the best chance in life doesn’t depend solely on genetics, or the decisions you make as a parent, or if you have a lot of money.  It’s actually more complicated than that, according to a study done by the University of Texas and the University of Virginia. According to the study, for poorer parents […]

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Your Grandfather’s Bank

The Wall Street Journal recently cited someone named Kahler, but it wasn’t me. This time, the financial advice is coming from my father, Dick Kahler, who has loaned my nephew the money to buy his first house. This transaction is featured in a November 27  article by Anne Tergesen on intrafamily loans. Tergesen discusses these loans as a way […]

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