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When Frugality Is Not a Virtue But a Risk

Frugality is a valuable financial habit. It’s the number-one common denominator among people I know who are wealth builders. This makes sense, since no matter how much you make or what you may invest in, you’ve got to be able to live on less than you make in order to have money to invest. In […]

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Wealth Tax Is Impractical And Unrealistic

Democratic Presidential candidate and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is proposing a federal wealth tax. It would impose annual taxes of 2% on those with household wealth—net worth, not income—of over $50 million and 3% on those with over $1 billion. Almost every person who owns a house, commercial building, or investment property pays property taxes […]

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We Can Assume Another Recession, But Not When

If you pay much attention to financial news, you may have noticed some recent dramatic headlines warning of an upcoming recession. What triggered the warnings was something called the “inverted yield curve.” To explain that term, it helps to understand bond markets.

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Consider Taxes Before Retiring Abroad

One way to stretch your retirement nest egg is to relocate your retirement nest. Finding a place with a lower cost of living can include considering retirement in another country. Before you pack your sunhat and flip-flops and head for a low-cost retirement haven, however, take a look at all the factors affecting your retirement […]

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Seen Yearly, Retirement Medical Costs Not So Scary

Have you ever worried yourself into a frenzy over something, only to find out you were worrying about the wrong thing? For example, researchers say that Baby Boomers are more worried about being financially devastated by unexpected health costs in retirement than they are about outliving their retirement savings. But isn’t the cost of health […]

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