Client Focused Financial Planning

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Financial Planning for You

We offer investment advice and wealth management to help you build wealth, and asset protection strategies to help you preserve it. Our services allow you to create the financial security you need to enjoy an active and independent retirement. We can assist you to define the legacy you want to leave your family and community, as well as put strategies in place to carry out that legacy.

Even more important, however, we work with you to use your resources in ways that will best meet your needs and help you achieve your dreams and goals. We take a personal, holistic approach to financial planning, helping you make balanced and wise use of both your financial and non-financial resources to enrich your life.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

You work hard, you spend frugally, and your net worth is growing. So are the complexities that come with accumulating wealth. Our team can help guide you with any decision that relates to money.

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Financial Therapy

Are you “stuck” in destructive money patterns? Do your thoughts and feelings around money create emotional stress? No matter how much or how little money you have, Financial therapy can help.

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Investment Management

Our investment advice is motivated solely by your best interests and values. We don’t sell financial products. Our investment team has 75+ years of experience, and our CIO spent five years on the SD Investment Council.

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Lightning Meetings

Maybe you don’t think you need an ongoing advisor relationship, just some guidance on a onetime financial concern like tax or estate planning. Our advisors provide a variety of standalone consulting services.

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Our Mission

As a South Dakota-based fee-only financial adviser, Kahler Financial Group’s mission is to be an advocate in helping people make wise financial decisions that contribute to their prosperity and happiness. We do this by understanding your money history, objectively assessing your current situation, and offering options that will solve problems and create the future you desire.