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Get Started On Your Ethical Will

The ancient ethical will is a beautiful tool for those who don’t want their legal will to be their only “last words.”...

How Safe Is Your Safe Deposit Box?

I have routinely recommended that people use a bank safe deposit box to store valuable papers and small assets.
The physical protection of a bank vault, plus a system of access requiring two keys kept by the customer and the bank, would seem to provide a great deal of security. Yet several recent news articles suggest safe deposit boxes may not be as safe as they seem.

Legacy Parenting and Financial Planning

Fiduciary, client-centered financial planning is dynamic, ongoing, and evolving. The collaboration between client and planner is a relationship that often lasts for a client’s’ lifetime.
Sometimes that relationship even extends beyond a client’s lifetime if they have children or leave money to a foundation. Children may become the stewards of their parents’ financial legacy via an inheritance or being appointed the overseers of a trust fund. Nor is it unusual for the children to become clients of the financial planner, either as they create their own financial success or as they inherit from their parents.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Estate Planning Decision Making Making estate planning decisions can be one of the most emotionally...

Planning Like King Tut

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxziWw_iddk One of my clients, on a recent trip to San Francisco, visited the King Tut...

Passing On Your Beliefs? First, Pass the Tissues

When we pass from this life, we will each leave a legacy. Regardless of our preparation—or lack thereof—for the end of life, we will indisputably leave something behind. That legacy will be both tangible and intangible.

Most of us know that the purpose of a will or living trust is to pass on the material things we want people to have. However, few of us have ever given much thought to how we wish to pass on our knowledge and beliefs.