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Discover what brings meaning to your life and how we help support that quest through the efficient management of your financial and non-financial resources.  There may be no absolute guarantee of future financial success, but our experienced team of financial planners and coaches brings over 100 years of experience to assist you with every financial challenge imaginable. We take a personal, holistic approach to financial planning. Our financial planners and coaches offer an array of professional financial planning and coaching services. They are trained professionals helping you maximize the effectiveness of both your financial and non-financial assets.

We offer investment advice, wealth management, and financial coaching strategies virtually to a nationwide clientele, and in person to clients within driving distance of our home office in Rapid City, South Dakota. Our specialties include financial psychology, commission-free investment strategies, comprehensive financial planning, asset protection, and real estate and business consulting. Our services allow business owners, professionals, and retirees to create the financial security they need to enjoy financial independence and an active retirement. The bottom line is that our team of fee-only financial planners makes working with us easy and cost-effective.


Financial Planning

You work hard, you spend frugally, and your net worth is growing. So are the complexities that come with accumulating wealth. Our skilled financial advisor team in Rapid City can help guide you with any decision that relates to money.

Your financial situation maybe short term financial goals or long term goals. Either way you have a found the right financial advisor for your needs. We have certified financial planners on our team to meet your personal finance needs.

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Financial Therapy

Are you “stuck” in unhelpful money patterns? Do your thoughts and feelings around money create stress for you or tension in your relationships? No matter how much or how little money you deal with, financial therapy can help. Many looking to find a financial advisor do not realize the benefits of investment in financial therapy or how it can help them achieve their financial goals.

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Investment Management

Our advice is based solely on your values and best interests. We provide an aspect of your financial life for long-term benefits. Our money management services have been very beneficial for our clients. We don’t sell financial products like financial institutions and brokerage services do.

Our investment advising team in Rapid City has 100+ years of experience, and our CIO spent five years on the SD Investment Council.

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Lightning Meetings

Maybe you don’t think you need an ongoing relationship with an investment advisor, just some guidance on a one-time financial concern like tax or estate planning. Our advisors provide a variety of standalone consulting services.

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Recent Financial Blogs:

Identity Theft Is No Laughing Matter

The style of a recent email I received from a client made me laugh—even though the subject matter wasn’t funny.
“Hi Rick! We received a letter from Discover denying an application for their credit card due to our credit history. We did not apply for their card. I told my wife to throw it in the trash, but she is concerned this is attempted identity theft. Your thoughts? If you agree with me, she will rest easy. If you agree with her, I will hang my head and admit that she is right, AGAIN!”

Creating a Plan for Long-Term Care

Last week’s column concluded that, while long-term care insurance is unaffordable for most Americans, everyone needs a long-term health care plan.
Two major issues to consider in creating your own long-term care plan are where you will live and how you will pay for the care you are likely to need. In part because of cost, most seniors want to stay in their own homes.

Will Your Retirement Resources Cover Long-Term Care?

If you want to stop a conversation cold, just ask a group of friends, “Do you ever worry that you might outlive your retirement income?” The response is likely to be nervous laughter. It doesn’t occur to most people to seriously consider this possibility.

The greatest financial risk for depleting retirement resources is an unexpected and lengthy stay in a long-term health care facility, like a nursing home or an assisted living center.

Financial Planning Resources

The Financial Therapy Podcast by Rick Kahler

Listen to the most recent podcast by Rick Kahler, CFP®, CFT-I™. What makes his financial world view different from most financial experts? He blends the nuts and bolts of financial advice with the emotions that drive making them.

Every financial behavior, whether it appears illogical to you or others, makes perfect sense when we understand the underlying beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. Good money decisions are not just about money.

Financial Planning In The News

Kahler Financial Group’s founder, Rick Kahler, is a registered investment advisor recognized on a national level for his knowledge of traditional and cutting-edge financial planning services. Check out the latest articles that are published in Forbes, CNBC, USA Today, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Money Scoop, etc…

South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Kahler Financial Group’s Founder and President Rick Kahler has an ongoing relationship with South Dakota Public Broadcasting. He has been featured on several different SDPB radio programs and is a frequent guest on the In The Moment show hosted by Lori Walsh. In The Moment is airing weekdays from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM MT and a rebroadcast at 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM MT.

Financial Books by Rick Kahler

Rick Kahler, CFP®, has co-authored five important financial books that are making a difference in how people perceive, react to, and handle money. These titles include the following:

  • Conscious Finance by Rick Kahler, CFP®, and Kathleen Fox
  • The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge by Rick Kahler, CFP®, and Drs. Ted & Brad Klontz
  • Facilitating Financial Health: Tools for Financial Planners, Coaches, and Therapists by Rick Kahler, CFP®, and Drs. Ted & Brad Klontz
  • Conscious Finance by Rick Kahler, CFP®, and Drs. Ted & Brad Klontz
  • The Psychology of Financial Planning by Saundra M. Davis, MSFP, APFC®, FBS®, Rick Kahler, MS, CFP®, CFT-I™, CeFT®, Emily Koochel, Ph.D., AFC®, CFT-I™, Meghaan Lurtz, Ph.D., FBS™, Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, AFC®, CFT-I™, Lance Palmer, Ph.D., Ron Sages, Ph.D., AEP®, CFP®, CTFA, EA, and Neal Van Zutphen, CFP®, M.S.

A recent addition is a book that Rick has co-authored, a pioneering new book designed to help financial planners at all career stages. This helps them gain a better understanding of people’s financial decision-making and to strengthen their client relationships. The title is “The Psychology of Financial Planning”. It includes 6 principal knowledge topics that comprise the Certified Financial Planner Board’s Psychology of Financial Planning.

Glossary of Financial Terms

Glossary for Financial Terms

Check out these financial definitions to help you understand some financial terms. This list has many definitions taken from Conscious Finance book by Rick Kahler, CFP®, and Kathleen Fox.

Our Mission

As a Rapid City based fee-only financial adviser, Kahler Financial Group’s mission is to be an advocate in helping people across the entire United States of America to make wise financial decisions that contribute to their prosperity and happiness. We do this by understanding your money history, objectively assessing your current situation, and offering options that will solve problems and create the future you desire.