Kahler Financial Group: Client-Centered, Fee Only Financial Advisors


As a South Dakota-based fee-only financial adviser, Kahler Financial Group’s mission is to help people make wise financial decisions that contribute to their prosperity and happiness. We do this by understanding your money history, objectively assessing your current situation, and offering options that will solve problems and create the future you desire.

Advantages of Working with a Client-Centered, Fee-Only Financial Adviser (CFP)

As independent financial advisers driven by the needs of our clients, we seek out the best financial solutions to benefit our clients.  Unlike banks, insurance or investment firms, we are not limited in the scope of products nor are we commission-motivated.  As client-centered, fee-only advisers, we are committed to competent and ethical behavior when providing financial advice, and we disclose potential conflicts of interest.

When our clients plan for and face the inevitable changes in life we are their financial confidants and advocates. And yes, there are times when we protect our clients from themselves.

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Millions of people visit the Black Hills of South Dakota each year for a variety of reasons.  A number of our out-of-state clients specifically come to meet with us for their annual review. We have custom designed our Rapid City office to be a private and comfortable place for our clients, and the office and staff are equipped with the latest technology.


Established by Rick Kahler in 1983, Kahler Financial Group was the first client-centered, fee-only financial planning firm in South Dakota. In 2010, Wealth Manager, a financial trade magazine, recognized Kahler Financial Group as the largest financial planning company in a seven-state region.

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KFG Staff

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Sarah Swantner, MS, CFP®, NCC 
Financial Planner/Financial Therapist

Alison Scherr, MS 

Beth Kangootui 

Nathan Gehring, CFP® 
Financial Planner

Lilly Vaughn, FPQP™ 
Client Services