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Alison was born and raised in the Black Hills area. Alison holds a Master’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Wyoming. Alison joined Kahler Financial Group in 2008. Currently, she serves in operations and investments where she oversees client investment portfolios and many of the operational tasks for the company. Through her years with us, she has served in many roles, giving her a solid understanding of our business and the industry. Her passion lies in process improvement, managerial efficiencies and best execution policies. Prior to joining Kahler Financial, she worked as an accountant and investment analyst for Vantage Oncology, in El Segundo, CA.

Alison and her husband returned to the Black Hills in 2008 to start a family and their careers. The couple enjoys snow skiing, wake surfing, rock climbing, slack lining, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, and scuba diving.

At Kahler Financial, we like to be known for our innovative solutions, unconventional planning strategies, and unprecedented dedication to our clients. While everyone else in the office is busy working more directly with clients, Alison is busy working to ensure we have capacity and processes in place to allow us to continue to deliver this level of service.

Having served in some capacity to many of the day-to-day functions at KFG, she has acquired a solid understanding of how to structure our workflows to allow us to automate more back-office tasks and focus our energies toward the more sophisticated areas of financial planning.

True financial planning is unique to the individual and there is no one-size-fits-all solution across our clients. To plan for more clients, we need more planners. As we grow, Alison helps to ensure that our growth is in keeping with the level of service we strive to provide to our clients. Technology has also come a long way over the years and she has helped us stay up to date with industry best practices and software solutions.