Beth Kangootui

Beth Kangootui

Beth Kangootui joined the KFG team in October 2016.  After graduating from Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, OK, Beth moved to Orlando, Florida where she began her career in Accounting, Human Resources, and General Management.    Most recently, Beth was working in Africa as the General Manager of a medical supply company. In her role as GM, she was afforded the opportunity to travel and help her company create new relationships and operate in a more economical manner.

Having lived in several major US cities and also foreign countries as an adult, she has enjoyed her return to her roots.  Beth enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, DIY projects, exploring the Black Hills, and traveling to new places.  She enjoys spending time with her children, and stays busy with their countless activities and church involvement.

What Beth Does All Day

In my operations and facilities roles at Kahler Financial, I am responsible to keep the daily business going.  I am responsible for creating, updating, and maintaining our company policies and procedures and the required paperwork that comes along with that task.  I work with the COO to coordinate best practices for compliance requirements and profitability.  I help to maintain operations software and the education on these programs for our employees.  As the Facilities Manager,I keep equipment running correctly, and when a light bulb burns out or the dishes need washing, you will find me with my sleeves rolled up and taking care of business.

In my role as the IT Implementer for KFG, I work with our server company to manage all IT relationships and address any potential issues that may arise.  I address any software or IT based needs or problems, including coordinating and troubleshooting computer and phone hardware as well as operational software. I also maintain, repair, and research new office equipment such as computers, phones, and printers.  I have also taken on the task, in this role, to update and modernize our KFG website.  I help to keep the information and look of the website current and user friendly.

With over 10 years of prior Human Resources experience, I have stepped into very familiar territory in my role as human resources.  I am responsible for the maintenance and administration of employee benefits, coordinating employee reviews, and maintaining employee files.  I am responsible for screening and coordinating interviews with candidates for employment and also with the on-boarding of any new hires. I help to keep our company Code of Conduct up to date and relevant for our employees. I am also a liaison between management and the rest of the staff to make sure we are using best practices when it comes to our employees.

I keep very busy in the various roles I have taken on, but my philosophy is, and always will be, to do whatever it takes to make the team successful.  I am determined to always do my best in whatever I may face and to take others with me on this amazing journey.  I love to help people, and it is my personal vision to help others become the best version of themselves, which is why I think I fit in so well with the culture here at KFG, which also shares this vision.