Dave Jetson, MS

Kahler Financial's Counselor: Dave JetsonDave is a licensed professional counselor in private practice who provides individual, couples, marriage, family, and group counseling and workshops. He is a pioneer in counseling clients across the country and internationally via the Internet. He specializes in experiential therapy and intuitive experiential therapy, approaches which allow him to help clients heal at a deep emotional level. Dave received his MS in counseling from South Dakota State University in 2003, graduating summa cum laude. His dissertation topic was experiential therapy. Dave has created and conducts a number of various workshops, including some relating to the psychology of money. He also has served for several years as a group facilitator at Onsite Workshops in Nashville, Tennessee.

Rick and Dave provide joint sessions with clients interested in financial coaching or therapy, and Dave also offers individual and group financial counseling. Financial coaching and counseling focuses on understanding and discovering our conscious and subconscious beliefs, feelings and relationships with money. Combined with Rick's expertise in financial planning, Dave can help clients heal past money traumas and develop healthier relationships with money. Not only will this unique partnering of financial planning and therapy help clients achieve their personal and financial goals, it can transform their lives.