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Lilly originally joined the KFG team in July of 2014. In November 2018, she decided she wanted to spend some time with her little girls before they were school age and left her position at KFG. In the fall of 2019, her children started school and Lilly decided she was ready to come back to her KFG family.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from South Dakota State University.  After graduation, Lilly and her husband moved to Washington State to begin their careers.  While in Washington, Lilly gained invaluable experience and knowledge working with a fee-only financial planning firm, where she not only sparked an interest in the industry, but also a dedication to delivering quality service to clients.

Lilly was born in Iowa, raised in various parts of the Midwest and graduated high school in Eastern South Dakota.  After living in Washington State and Montana for five years, Lilly and her family decided to move to the Black Hills to raise their family in 2013.  Their family spends most of their time making improvements to their small homestead and embarking on entrepreneurial adventures.

What Lilly Does All Day

Creating an excellent client experience is my number one priority, and that starts with the initial contact a person has with our firm.  Getting to know new people and finding out how our services match up with a person’s needs is something I truly enjoy.  I schedule meetings and ensure on-boarding clients are on track with their “homework” before each meeting.

If there is time during the day when I am not tending to our amazing clients, I am working on miscellaneous projects that help improve processes at KFG.