Becoming a Client

At Kahler Financial Group, we believe that financial planning is a set of processes and these processes must be learned and tailored to each individual situation.  We believe that financial planning starts with the way we think, and is shaped by the things we have observed and experienced in our past and present lives.  Our process is atypical to most large planning firms and is focused on each individual clients' needs and desires.  With this in mind, we have developed a process to enable both our advisers and our potential clients to discover whether or not KFG is a good fit for them.

Step 1: Ideal Client Survey

Completing our Ideal Client Survey will give you insight into what it looks like to be a client of our firm. This survey contains various statements which you will rate based on how well they describe you and your situation.

Please click the link below to begin the survey.

Ideal Client Survey


Step 2: Initial Interview Forms

Completing the forms below provides our advisers a snapshot of your current financial situation. This information is valuable in initiating the financial planning and investment management process.

Please click the links below to complete the forms.

KFG Initial Interview

Life Transitions

Financial Satisfaction


Step 3: Initial Interview Meeting

During this meeting, we will discuss your personal and financial objectives. We will also describe our financial planning and investment philosophy to help you determine whether our services are right for you.


Step 4: Engagement Meeting

If you decide to engage our services, we will meet to outline the parameters of our client/adviser relationship. This meeting will kick off a sequence of onboarding meetings in order to gather the necessary information to draft your financial plan.