Bryan Ruiz

Bryan is the second planner in residence at Kahler Financial Group, joining the team in November 2017 from Atlanta, GA. He holds a bachelor’s in accounting and in risk management and insurance from Georgia State University. He completed the Oglethorpe University Financial Planning Program, and passed the CFP® exam in November of 2016. He is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), and completed the FPA Residency Program in June of 2017.

Bryan had stints in tax accounting and commercial banking before answering a repressed calling to financial planning when he realized how his innate skills and personality are ideal for the profession. His interests in financial planning include seeing the big picture through deconstructing plans, taxes, insurance, learning new planning strategies, and understanding the role of emotions in making decisions. He is honored to be part of a group that shares his same passion and values.

When not in the office, Bryan enjoys exploring the Black Hills, reading nonfiction, cooking, learning to play the cello, craft beer, concerts, and all things tennis. His companion and biggest supporter, Jill, keeps each day meaningful.

What I do all day

My residency is essentially an apprenticeship where I get to support the team and learn the art of financial planning from our experienced planners. My role includes gathering data, updating existing plans, analysis, proposing recommendations for our planning team to consider, and annotating client meetings. Although I find the detailed work behind the scenes satisfying, connecting with the warm people behind the numbers and documents is always the reward.