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Position: Lead/Senior Financial Planner

The Position:

Do you have an excitement for solving technical financial problems? An equally strong desire to connect emotionally with people and help them negotiate their relationship with money.  A passion for self-development?  How about a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit?

If so, consider joining Rick Kahler and the members of our team, a company recognized for its thought leadership in the financial planning and the financial therapy profession. We are a “purpose driven company” that encourages a culture of transparency, self-development, and self-organization.  Our purpose is to transform the financial and emotional well-being of people, and we start with ourselves.

We currently seek a Lead/Senior Financial Planner with strong analytical skills to perform financial planning and a passion for the client relationship. We prefer a candidate with 5 years or more of experience doing client-centered comprehensive financial planning. It’s also preferable to have completed a 12+ month course of training in some area of coaching, Financial Therapy or Financial Life Planning.

We have a team/ensemble approach to financial planning, so all employees work with many of the same clients. Our specialties are comprehensive financial planning, financial therapy, asset protection strategies, real estate, and business planning.  Our average client is a high net worth business owner, professional, or retiree. Our clients are located through the US and we meet virtually with about half of them.

The primary skill we seek for this position is the ability to develop complex financial plans and demonstrate deep listening skills. This includes a keen interest and love for the analysis of financial data and a passion to develop the interior skills needed to successfully facilitate clients toward financial and emotional wellbeing.


  • Work with HNW clients in both a technical and emotional financial planning role
  • Demonstrate good social, communication and non-verbal listening skills
  • Developing meeting agendas and generating detailed financial plans
  • Work collaboratively with team members
  • Confidently deliver advice to clients via conference call or face-to-face meetings
  • Structure financial advice around the client’s strategic financial and emotional situation
  • Maintain high ethical standards, confidentiality and professionalism at all times


  • Flexible work schedules (we fully support working Moms and Dads)
  • Full time or starting part-time with capacity to grow into full-time is possible
  • 401K Plan and profit sharing plan
  • Paid holidays and paid time off
  • Technology, fitness, and education allowance
  • Paid membership fees for industry associations
  • There is the potential for future equity

We will accept virtual applications, however we will give preference to candidates willing to move to Rapid City.

Send resume and cover letter to

In your cover letter please tell us: What attracts you to Kahler Financial Group?

What you would bring to Kahler Financial Group?
What do you need most from Kahler Financial Group?
What would attract you to Rapid City other than working at KFG?

The City:

Pursuing a career in financial planning in Rapid City, South Dakota means you will enjoy the best of all worlds; great quality of life, low personal taxes, and a low cost of living. Rapid City has an outstanding atmospheric and cultural climate, making it one of the best-kept secrets in the US.

Nestled at the foot of the beautiful Black Hills, Rapid City is the perfect location for those who love the outdoors.  It was rated the #3 top town for sportsmen by Outdoor Life magazine in 2011 and one of the top 25 cities to raise an outdoor kid by Backpacker Magazine. Rapid City is tied with Ft. Meyers, FL for having the best air quality of any city in the United States.

With summer and winter skiing, rock-climbing, hunting, fishing, boating, and more trails than a person could hike in their lifetime all within an hour’s drive, Rapid City is the perfect location for those who love the outdoors.

Our residents enjoy the many tax and business advantages of doing business here. And when the cost of doing business is low, so is the cost of living. Consider that South Dakota has:

NO Corporate Income Tax
NO Personal Income Tax
NO Personal Property Tax
NO Inventory Tax
Low cost of living, .81 of the national average
The 2nd lowest state per capita taxes in the nation
Fourth lowest overall crime rate in the nation
An average commute time of 13.8 minutes
Number one high school graduation rate in the nation

Rapid City features a steppe climate (Köppen BSk). Its location makes its climate unlike both the higher elevations of the Black Hills and the Great Plains to the east. It is characterized by long arid summers and mild, dry winters, with short but distinct spring and autumn seasons.


  • Energized by the analysis of technical data and devising sophisticated planning solutions
  • Will commit to a course of study to acquire deep-listening, client-facing skills
  • Strong analytical skills, able to see the big picture and apply critical thinking
  • Has a desire to become more aware, present, and conscious
  • Has good self-management skills and uses the GTD system
  • Is open to applying the principles of Non-violent Communication in the workplace
  • Able to meet deadlines, a Meyers Briggs “J”
  • Is attracted to a purpose-driven company that is uses a self-organizing governance structure
  • Has an “owner’s attitude”
  • Is a quick learner
  • Does not view themselves as above doing any task or accountability
  • Takes personal responsibility and keeps agreements
  • Is a CFP® Certificate
  • Has over 5 years’ experience as a financial planner
  • Has a 4 year or master’s degree in financial planning or a related field
  • We will consider a virtual relationship for this position, however living in Rapid City is preferred

We are an equal opportunity employer. Selected candidate may be required to pass a drug test and background check and will be asked to complete multiple personality and/or competency tests.  Our interview process is extensive.

Working at Kahler Financial Group

The primary skill we seek for any position with KFG is the felt sense of being called to the financial planning profession, the technical knowledge and curiosity needed to develop financial plans, a keen interest in relational skills, and a commitment to self-development. We have a team approach to financial planning, so all employees work with the same clients.

Our employees are as important as our clients, and we work to provide both with a collaborative atmosphere and learning environment. We value our employees and we take pride in recognizing and supporting their outstanding talents and efforts.  We empower our employees through a unique governance structure – a Holacracy – where each person has responsibility and control over decisions as they relate to the role they play within our company. We commit ourselves to the delivery of superior quality of services based on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and ethical treatment.

The core purpose of our company is to transform the financial and emotional well-being of people. This includes our clients and ourselves.

What is Holacracy?

Deliberately Developmental Organization

At Kahler Financial Group, we strive to have a culture that values personal development in the same manner as we value professional development.

As our core purpose includes transforming the financial and emotional well-being of our employees as well as our clients, we have embarked on becoming a DDO or a Deliberately Developmental Organization.

A DDO is an integration of business excellence and the growth of employees into their best version of themselves. Check out our Deliberately Developmental Organization page to learn more about it.

KFG is a Tobacco Free Work Place

A tobacco-free environment helps create a safe and healthy workplace. Smoking and secondhand smoke are known to cause serious lung diseases, heart disease and cancer. Kahler Financial Group recognizes the hazards caused by tobacco use and exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. Our policy to provide a tobacco-free environment for all employees and visitors was established to keep a safe and healthy workplace environment.  Smoking of any tobacco product and the use of oral tobacco products, “spit” tobacco and e-cigarettes, is not permitted within the facilities or on the property of Kahler Financial Group.