Finding a Conflict-Free Fiduciary is Tricky

How to Find a Financial Advisor With Your Best Interest in Mind


Trying to find an advisor that truly has your best interest at heart can be daunting. Unfortunately, you cannot take an advisor’s word that you will be a client and that they can remain free of any conflicts of interest.  In order to be assured that this is the case, you must get it in writing. We have developed two tools that can help you know who the advisor will really work for and expose any significant conflicts of interest that could taint their objectivity. We suggest that you give the two forms below to a prospective advisor to complete and sign. These tools will help you to determine whether the advisor is truly a fiduciary or if they have a conflict of interest.  A refusal to fill out either form will be a red flag to proceed with extreme caution.


Fiduciary Oath (PDF)

Fee & Commission Conflict of Interest Disclosure(PDF)