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Estate Planning Decision Making

Making estate planning decisions can be one of the most emotionally charged areas of financial planning. Kahler Financial Group offers advice and support to clients in both the financial details and the emotional aspects of legacy planning.

We work with clients and their attorneys to be sure that their estate planning documents accurately reflect the legacies they want to leave. Simple wills may be appropriate for some clients. For others, we recommend sophisticated estate planning options such as a variety of trusts that may help clients avoid the expense and public nature of probate as well as minimize estate taxes. We also encourage clients to execute trusts and powers of attorney to provide for management of their affairs if they become incapacitated.

We offer a variety of tools to assist clients with the emotional decisions that estate planning requires. These include several exercises and processes to help clients identify and work through money beliefs that may hinder those decisions. Our financial coaching services may be helpful as well.

We encourage clients to complete letters of instruction and ethical wills that allow them to pass on their values and beliefs as well as their financial assets.

Need to Settle an Estate?

KFG also works closely with clients who are faced with the need to settle an estate. Our role is to support them in making wise financial and life decisions during the difficult times following the death of a loved one.