Fiduciary Duty

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What does Fiduciary Mean?

Fiduciary – /fəˈd(y)o͞oSHēˌerē

The legal obligation of a professional adviser, such as an attorney or a CFP®, to act in clients’ best interests. Most financial product salespeople have no fiduciary obligation to their customers and have significant conflicts of interest.

You Are A Client – Not A Customer

As a client-centered, fee only registered investment adviser, Kahler Financial Group is required and committed to a higher level of fiduciary responsibility to you (our client), than is the traditional brokerage firm. Traditional brokers rely on commissions from the sale of investment products to you (the customer) for their compensation. At Kahler Financial Group, you are our client and our fee only financial planners in Rapid City are your advocate.  Our legal and fiduciary duty is to place your interests ahead of all others. As fiduciaries, our professionals are not salespeople. At a traditional brokerage firm, you are a customer. The broker’s fiduciary duty is to his employer and not to you.

Our fee only financial planners in Rapid City receive no commissions on any product recommendations and no compensation from third parties, such as mutual funds or insurance companies. As client-centered, fee-only advisers, we disclose potential conflicts of interest — KFG works solely in your best interest.

Financial Solutions, Not Products

“The term “financial planning” means a lot of things to a lot of people.

The term “financial planning” means a lot of things to a lot of people. To many, it is merely a facade for selling investment and insurance products. Because we are free of the conflicts inherent in selling products, we are free to focus on your whole financial well-being. We tend to be much more technical and research driven in our approach to financial planning.  We analyze and give solutions to areas of your financial life that are routinely excluded from the services of advisers compensated by commissions.  To us, financial planning means helping you make sound financial decisions that support you in living a fulfilling and anxiety-free life.  Our fee only financial planners accomplish that goal not by over-focusing on investments, but actually giving people across South Dakota the tools and information to help them make wise financial decisions.  We offer you the benefit of our 35 years of insights, wisdom, and solutions derived from our financial planning experience. Our only obligation is to work in your best interest, just like your attorney, physician, or accountant.

Whether you are a busy professional, a successful business owner, or retired, our fiduciary advisors in Rapid City are your personal Chief Financial Officer. We work to ensure your success, organizing your financial affairs to hold you accountable to your best intentions. We help you exercise good judgement in the face of imperfect knowledge.