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At Kahler Financial Group, we aren’t tax experts, but we know when to consult them. Our role in tax planning is to suggest tax-saving strategies to clients as part of their overall financial plan, then to work with clients’ accountants and attorneys to implement those strategies.

We encourage clients not to overlook basic tax planning strategies like maximizing deductions and making maximum contributions to retirement plans. We also can help small business owners with more complex strategies, like using defined benefit plans, deferred compensations plans, and various corporations to take appropriate advantage of tax-saving regulations.

Rick’s real estate and appraisal experience is valuable in helping clients structure the sale of land or businesses in ways that avoid burdensome tax liabilities. We use estate planning strategies such as trusts to minimize estate taxes.

Our investment strategy minimizes short-term capital gains taxes because clients’ portfolios aren’t affected by constant trading. We also use tax-advantaged managers and employ tax harvesting strategies when appropriate. We take the tax consequences of investment choices into account, but only as one of several factors. We’re not going to avoid making a wise investment move that results in a taxable gain or a loss only because of the tax consequences. Our investment recommendations are based on whether a given investment fits a client’s specific needs.

We encourage clients to take advantage of legitimate tax-saving provisions in the U.S. tax code, but we’re never going to recommend offshore accounts or other dubious tax shelters. Our philosophy is that each of us should pay every penny of taxes we owe, but not a penny more.