How To Talk Retirement With Your Spouse (Forbes)

If you’ve never talked about retirement with your spouse, you’re not alone. But it’s a crucial conversation if you want your retirement dreams to become reality. Andrea Coombes recently wrote the article “How to Talk Retirement With Your Spouse”, featuring Rick Kahler featured on 

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Avoid Costly IRA Mistakes

Investing through an IRA is a foundational method of retirement saving. Opening and contributing to an individual retirement account is not hard. That doesn’t mean IRAs are simple and easy to understand. Learning how to avoid IRA mistakes can save you money.

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Frugality: The Essential Money Survival Skill

Someone recently asked me to share my number-one financial tip that would make the greatest impact on a person’s financial well-being. For someone who can speak for hours on the topic, that’s a daunting task. I wanted to quote the late Dick Wagner’s advice to “Spend less, save more, and don’t do anything stupid,” but […]

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