Build Financial Health With Cash Reserve

The monthly paycheck I receive for teaching online courses at Golden Gate University is my “walking around money.” I cash it and put the bills in my wallet and the change in a container in my car to use for feeding parking meters. The other day, I noticed my wallet is getting fatter and my […]

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Saving for the Future Is Storing Energy for Later

“Why hire it done when you can do it yourself?” This is a common money belief for frugal people, who often spend weekends doing home maintenance chores. Or, in my case, haunting the neighborhood with my sprayer in search of noxious weeds, like thistles and hounds tongue. One of my friends, a frugal do-it-yourselfer who […]

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Your Portfolio and the Presidential Election

“What will happen to my investments if [the candidate I dislike] becomes President?” This is a question I hear frequently during any Presidential election year, especially in contentious times. People are always worried that if the candidate they oppose becomes President it will be devastating for the markets and their portfolio.

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Worse Likely Still Ahead for Economy

Is it reasonable to think the economy is on the upswing? After all, by one stock market rule of thumb a new bull market started on March 26 when the Dow shot up over the magical 20% mark from the bottom. The bear market (a 20% move downward from the high) lasted a total of […]

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Giving That Benefits Both Recipient And Giver

When one person gives something to another, who benefits most—the recipient or the giver? Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD, the founder of Nonviolent Communication, maintained that accepting a gift is actually more of a gift to the giver than the recipient. He believed “It is our nature to enjoy giving and receiving in a compassionate manner.” […]

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