Money Magazine Author Names “Scrooge” to Best Books List

On Tuesday, Martha C. White of Money Magazine published an article entitled The Best Books to Help You Pay off Debt, According to Finance Experts and we are honored to announce that the book Rick co-authored “The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge” was atop the list! We say congratulations to Rick and his co-authors. To […]

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When Parents Can’t Say No: Financial Enabling

“Pleeeeeze?” Your nine-year-old daughter has spent her allowance but is begging you to buy her a toy she “just has to have.” “I really will pay you back this time. I promise.” Your 30-something son, despite a history of non-payment that would make a banker flinch, is asking for another loan to get him out […]

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Annuities Do Not Belong In 401(k) Plans

Several weeks ago I wrote about the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act, which will reform various aspects of US retirement laws. The Act was passed by the House in May and is currently stalled in the Senate. One of the most troubling of the SECURE Act’s 29 provisions is that it […]

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Congratulations Rick!

From all of the staff at KFG we would like to congratulate Rick Kahler on being named one of the top advisors in the United States on the Investopedia 100 list of the most influential advisors for 2019. Rick had previously been given this award in 2017 and has now been named to the list […]

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Resources and Services for Your Aging Plan

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of having a “Plan B” for aging when life events take an unexpected turn. Among the most common of these events are sudden and unforeseen health challenges that leave you unable to fully care for yourself. The day after that column ran, I received a call […]

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