Bonds an Investment Class Worth Some Excitement

“One thing I definitely don’t want in my portfolio is bonds,” a prospective client told me a few weeks ago. “Bonds are boring and don’t give good returns.” Her confidence in her money script that bonds had no place in her portfolio was palpable. However, her understanding of the role bonds play in a portfolio […]

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Financial Therapy Classes

Take advantage of the opportunity to join Rick and Sarah in financial therapy classes at a discounted rate offered through Community Education of the Black Hills. Money skills are the 21st century’s survival skills! You may have a great education, a successful career, or be the best in your field… but if you don’t understand […]

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Trust With Caution; Protect Yourself From Scammers

Early this year, dozens of expatriate Americans living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, found out that an employee of Monex Bank had emptied up to 158 accounts of some $40,000,000. Many of the customers lost their entire retirement savings. In this case, the all too familiar scam of promising returns “too good to be […]

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Why the best person to turn to for money advice may be a psychotherapist

Check out an article published today by Leslie Albrecht from entitled “Why the best person to turn to for money advice may be a psychotherapist”.  In the article, she discusses the role of financial therapy in financial planning and the development of the financial therapy industry with insights from our very own Rick Kahler. […]

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Local Ridesharing: Affordable Independence For Seniors

For elderly people facing the reality of diminishing capabilities, a service that can help maintain their independence is ridesharing. Many of us in rural parts of the US, myself included, use ridesharing primarily when we travel. It has changed the way I travel in large cities, and I appreciate it for its convenience, flexibility, and […]

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