Fees Matter; Know Them Before You Invest

One of the most important factors affecting the success or failure of your investments is also one of the least visible: fees. When it comes to selecting managed financial investments like retirement plans, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, annuities, and private real estate investment trusts, it’s essential to know how much you will be charged in […]

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How to Help Grandkids Pay for College

One financial goal held by many of my clients is to help pay for their grandkids’ education. This generosity can foster gratitude and family closeness. Unfortunately, it can also foster resentment and family misunderstandings. Here are some suggestions for helping with grandchildren’s college expenses in positive and supportive ways: 1. Be fair. This doesn’t necessarily […]

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Black Hills Pioneer Picks Up Rick’s Weekly Column

Recently the Rapid City Journal decided to cut their Sunday Business section to cut costs and the Journal decided to drop Rick’s weekly column.  This was quite disheartening for us as we had successfully partnered with them for 27 years.   However, we are excited to announce that the Black Hills Pioneer, based in Spearfish, SD […]

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