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A Personal Declaration of Financial Independence

This July 4, why not consider issuing your own personal Declaration of Financial Independence? Here is one form it might take: I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all persons are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I understand that fulfilling these rights requires […]

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Study a “Test Drive” For Financial Planning

Before you buy a new product, you do what you can to check out its features and research its reputation. You can test drive a car. You can try out a vacuum cleaner. Even if you want a watermelon, you can at least thump it. Buying a service is much harder. You can’t test drive […]

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Haven’t Heard From Us? There May Be A Reason

If you’ve emailed Rick in the past five weeks and wondered why he didn’t respond to you, it may be because he didn’t get your email. It’s come to our attention that as a result of our server failure five weeks ago one of Rick’s email addresses was misdirected.  If you’ve emailed Rick at, your […]

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CD’s Aren’t About Return

CD’s have a viable place in most portfolios, but they aren’t about return.  CD’s are more about insurance than yield, at least in this financial environment.  To learn some valuable tips about using CD’s in your portfolio, read Jean Chatzky’s interview with Rick, postedon  You’ll find the  full article at DailyFinance.

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Love, Money, and Couples

Paul and Teena were new clients.  “You know, our marriage is great except for one area, money.  When ever we talk about money we get into a fight, so we just don’t talk about it.” Understanding money is a 21st century survival skill.  Having a good relationship with money is necessary for a successful coupleship. Join us for […]

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