Client Group Opportunity

Greetings KFG Clients! KFG will offer our second client group experience beginning in April 2021.  Our first client group started over two years ago in the fall 2018 and is still running. It was so well received by the eight participants, that we would like to offer another! We comprise our KFG client groups of those who wish to come together to explore the intersection of their money and their life.  Group members may all be experiencing the same life transition or a similar challenge, or they might bring completely different experiences to the group.  The focus of the group will depend on the interests of those who would like to participate. Here is what a few clients had to say about the group:
“It’s obvious KFG puts a lot of thought and consideration into the couples/clients they choose for the group. Within our group, all the individuals seemed very comfortable with one another and trusted the information they shared would be respected and confidential. I felt our experience was amazing and we learned so much from one another! We truly feel there’s a sincere friendship that was formed with the members of our group.”
“A group of pretty much total strangers has transformed into a group of TRUSTED friends by sharing and discussing personal information, trials, successes, feelings, concerns, etc.,–not just money. If anything, money is a low priority in our group.”
To help jump start your thinking, here are some potential group themes for our next group:
  • new second marriage
  • recently divorced
  • soon to retire
  • just retired
  • selling a business
  • marriage and money
  • kids and money
  • aging parents and money
  • transitioning to retirement housing
  • dementia and money
  • recent death of spouse
  • uncomfortable with the amount of money I have
  • mixed group of people in different circumstances wanting to share and learn from each other
If you are interested in an 8 week, virtual, small group experience (limited to 8 members) with other KFG clients, please email to learn more and share details about your preferences for the group.
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