Email Spoofing

Good Day,

We are receiving reports that the email hackers are at it again unfortunately. We have been made aware that a spam message went out to several people yesterday stating it was from our Operations Manager, Beth Kangootui, and supposedly contained information about invoices.  Please note, this is not a valid KFG email, please do not try to open the attachment, click any links, or respond to the email.  We are very sorry this is happening again and we will be letting our IT support team know to further investigate.

If you ever receive an email from anyone at KFG that seems strange, please feel free to write us an email directly at to verify its validity.

Important note; all invoices from KFG come from the email, not from any individual.  Also, they will come from the Quickbooks system itself and are easily identifiable with the Quickbooks logo as well.

Also, please note: There are valid emails coming out to each of you from Beth Kangootui this week that should have the subject: Annual Asset/Liability Update.  This email is valid.

Thank you for your understanding.

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