Forever Learning How Much I Don’t Know

The spring is always a busy travel season which finds me attending a number of industry conferences where I get hit with a firehose of education.

In April I attended an investment conference in San Fransisco where I was able to speak with several fund managers, one of whom we use in some of our portfolios. I did find a new fund I liked, a fund of funds, that looked like a great candidate for a “one fund fits all” solution for smaller portfolios……..that is until I found out they added a .89% fee on top of the normal managerial fees. Scratch that one! I spend most of last year reducing the costs in our portfolios by almost 50%. We are not going to now increase costs.

I also was the keynote speaker at Money Smart Week in Des Moines, Iowa, addressing about 140 attendees on sensible investment strategies. It was a quick trip as I was in Des Moines less than 18 hours, but I did enjoy my time there. Most unfortunately, I believe there is some video on YouTube of me doing a line dance. How that tied into investment strategies, I don’t know. It wasn’t in my contract, that’s for sure.

In May I attended the FPA Retreat in Phoenix. This was my 26th Retreat! I was relieved that for the first time in about 3 years I was not speaking or on the Retreat committee, so I was able to leave my suit and sport coat at home! Bad decision. While changing planes in Minneapolis I received a text asking me to fill in for a speaker that could not make it. I was honored, and under dressed.

A week ago I attend the FPA NorCal conference in San Francisco and also visited the offices of Mosaic Financial Advisors. The line up of speakers was just incredible, as was the opportunity to take an inside look at one of the best managed fee-only practices in the nation.

As usual, even with my travels, I am always well connected. I travel with my Blackberry, my iPad, and a laptop and am in constant communication with the staff in Rapid City. If you need me, I am always just an email away!

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One Response to Forever Learning How Much I Don’t Know

  1. Judith Kennedy June 15, 2012 at 5:26 pm #

    The true indicator of a wise person is one who admits to not knowing everything and is always learning more.