George Chell – Pioneer, Partner, Mentor, and Friend

Rick and George Chell photo I was excited to see my long-term mentor George Chell when he dropped by the office last week. In 1983 George and I became the first South Dakotans to earn the CFP designation, and we formed Financial Planning Consultants. Today our partnership would certainly be viewed as improbable, as George was 100% commission and I was fee-only.  The one thing that bound us was our passion for personal financial planning and a desire to do the right thing for clients.

I moved on to form Kahler Financial Group while George eventually retired and sold to Gordon Smith. Gordon ran the firm for many years and when he retired sold the firm to Mark Joneson.

George and I have a lot of memories that span our 33 years of friendship. He taught me a lot about financial planning when the profession was in its embryonic years of development. George recently lost his wife of 64 years, Lillian. He still drives, has his trademark wittiness, and plays a mean game of liar’s poker.

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