Goings and Comings

suitcase-thThe past four months were busy for your financial planning team. Our profession requires staying current on a mind-numbing array of topics, so the challenge is finding time to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available. Rick, Alison, and Lindsay attended a three-day workshop in Dallas on practice management, and Rick and Sarah traveled to Big Sur, California, for a week-long communication workshop. Our staff also attends weekly webinars on a variety of subjects.

Our educational activities are not always on the receiving side. Rick has shared his knowledge and expertise with several groups recently. He addressed the national conference of the Financial Planning Association in Seattle, the Academy of Financial Services Conference in Nashville, the Nazrudin Retreat in Estes Park, Colorado, the Financial Therapy Association Conference in Nashville, and the Colorado FPA Symposium in Denver.

Rick also squeezed in a two-day trip to Hong Kong to visit friends, attend a fund-raiser, interview potential clients, and refresh his wardrobe. His prize purchase was a custom tailored three-piece suit that fit perfectly, even though it was originally tailored for someone else; he snagged it for $20 from his friend’s favorite second-hand store. Sarah traveled to the boundary waters of Northern Minnesota for a week of communing with nature and her husband.

It doesn’t look like the pace will slow much in the next quarter. January began with Rick attending a three-day workshop on succession planning in Phoenix. Sarah begins several graduate courses in counseling this month. Also in January, Rick and Sarah will attend (virtually) the three-day AICPA Convention held in Las Vegas. Rick will travel to Mumbai, India, in February to give a workshop to financial planners. Later that month, he and Courtney Pullen, therapist and coach, will address the American Group Psychotherapists Association in San Francisco.

Rick also begins his fifth year as an adjunct faculty member for Golden Gate University. He teaches a course called Facilitating Financial Health, based on his co-authored textbook by the same name.

With all this going and coming, we appreciate the technology that allows us to do much of our “traveling” virtually. It helps us stay in touch with everyday client needs while we stay current in our profession.

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One Response to Goings and Comings

  1. Joanne January 17, 2015 at 9:30 am #

    Impressive contrast of fun and work. Good for all of you!