Improve Your Money Relationship with Sarah Swantner

Have you ever wondered why you don’t like to spend money, or maybe spend too much? Why does talking about money in the home cause tension, if you discuss it at all? You aren’t alone. Most of us struggle with memories, misunderstandings, or cultural expectations regarding money, and it keeps us stuck in a cycle of bad feelings and behaviors.

Financial counseling is an emerging field that will give you the tools you need to have a happy and productive relationship with money. Our own Sarah Swantner, CFP® and financial counselor, is completing a working internship in this specialty and is offering counseling sessions to current KFG clients at no additional charge.

Sarah would like to work with you to discover the hidden hang-ups you have with money and work through them! Visit our website today to request an appointment. Please note that sessions must be completed in person.

Appointment request:

To learn more about financial counseling, see this informative article by

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