Improving Our Flexibility

nail bent or flexibleYou’ve told us you would like more flexibility in setting your review meetings and more availability of our staff when you have immediate needs. So, last year we simplified our scheduling to accomplish those two goals:
  1. Give you more dates from which to choose your review date
  2. Allow more time in our daily schedules for us to respond to your inquiries

We accomplished this by “unbundling” Rick and Sarah’s joint participation in every meeting, which was a major culprit in bottle-necking the schedule.  As you know, they both travel frequently to attend conferences and workshops. Instead of scheduling all appointments when they were both available, we began having them meet with clients individually when the other was out of town. The feedback we’ve received from you is that this is working well.

Because we practice as a team, our preferred standard of care is to have two professional in every meeting. To further that goal, we’ve added a new financial planner, Nikolas Boyce, expanding our  financial planning team to three professionals. Unbundling Rick and Sarah’s joint participation in meetings and adding Nikolas to the team gives us the ability to spread our workloads more evenly and to have more time each week to be available for you when “life happens”. Having three planners all working together also helps assure you that everyone on our team is up to speed on your financial plan.

When you schedule your next meeting, we will inform you which two planners will be participating. Of course, if you want a specific planner present in your meeting, we’ll be happy to schedule your appointment when that planner is available.

We are always working to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. If you should have any questions or suggestions about our scheduling process, please let us know! You can email us at or by calling 1-605-343-1400. Thank you for your trust and confidence.

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