Kahler Financial Group Staff Cranking Out Tax Updates

After attending six tax update workshops on the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, in May we began a very intensive process of applying the nuances of the act to your personal situation. Because of the complexity and unfamiliarity of this new act, we are spending an average of 1/2 day per client on the review. If you assume we do 5 reviews per week, that will take us over 20 weeks to complete!

We have begun sending clients an email summary of what we’re finding. This will continue for the next two months, so if you have not received yours yet, it will be coming.

This year we are not emailing any spreadsheets or dashboards with the emailed recommendations because we believe it is more effective to handle these time-sensitive and dollar-saving strategies in person.

We are asking you to contact us and set up an appointment before the end of the year so we can meet with you in person and review the strategies.

Please give Lilly a call at 343 –1400 extension 110 to schedule your tax review appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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