KFG Invoices Now Being E-mailed

ComputerBecause we like to boast about our paperless processes, we’re finally catching up in our accounting department. If you currently pay your quarterly fee by auto-deduct through your TD Ameritrade account, you will now receive your invoice/statements via your preferred email address that we currently have on file, and the invoice will be marked paid.

If you pay by check, you will still receive your quarterly invoice in the mail.

If you would prefer to receive invoices/statements via email or would still like your invoice to be mailed, please send your request to

Stay tuned for new payment options! We’re currently working on a new process to allow clients the option of paying our invoices online through PayPal. This way you can use your most preferred method of payment and have the convenience of paying your invoice from anywhere, anytime. And of course, if you so choose, you will always be able to pay us the good old-fashioned way by mailing a check.


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