Missing Rick’s Weekly Column in the Journal?

Lilly tells me that a number of clients have mentioned the weekly column I’ve written for the Rapid City Journal for 27 years no longer appears in the Sunday business section on a regular basis. The Journal stopped running the column on a weekly basis last April. It now appears irregularly, one or twice a month.

However, I am still writing weekly columns, which are emailed to clients on Mondays. The column appears each week in the Watertown Public Opinion. It is also available weekly at the Rapid City Journal’s online version;, just type Kahler into the search bar. The column is also picked up by Investopedia, Forbes, Money, USA Today, and NASDAQ.

That said, I know a number of you can’t easily access the column online or still like reading the news in a print format. If you would like to see the column return on a weekly basis to the print edition of the Journal, you can certainly let them know. A letter to the editor can be submitted by clicking here and you can send an email directly to managing editor Chris Huber at


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