More Options For Scheduling Meetings

choicesOne of the challenges for any financial planning firm is scheduling client meetings. Besides the usual juggling of everyone’s schedules, we need to balance our staff time in order to hold regular client reviews, keep up with ongoing financial planning and investment tasks, and be available to clients on a daily basis. We’ve made a few changes to our scheduling process that we hope will do a better job of providing that balance.

In the past, meeting with clients mostly revolved around when Rick and Sarah were both in Rapid City and available to meet with clients together. There are times, like this past summer, when Rick is in town for several months. When conference time comes around, like this September, he can be in the office just two or three days a week. Sarah also is out of Rapid City four or five weeks a year.

Bunching client meetings up when both Rick and Sarah are available presents both our clients and our staff some inconvenience. Not only does bunching our meetings limit the options to you as to when we can meet, but when both Sarah and Rick are in back-to-back meetings all day they are less available to respond to your calls or inquiries in the timeliest manner.

A few months ago we began experimenting with giving you a choice of meeting with Sarah when Rick was unavailable. Rick also began meeting with clients when Sarah was unavailable. Since her association with KFG almost two years ago, Sarah now does most of the financial planning for our clients. She is well-versed with the status of every client’s account. Prior to associating with us, Sarah ran her own financial planning firm, so meeting with clients individually is nothing new to her.

The feedback we received has been so positive that we’ve decided to make this a part of our normal routine.

Going forward, we will schedule a set number of client meetings every week with either Rick, Sarah, or both, depending on their availability. When only one of them is available, another staff member may also participate in the meeting. To the best of our ability, when you schedule a meeting Lisa will let you know whether you will meet with Rick, Sarah, or both. And of course, if you have a strong preference to meet with one or the other, Lisa will certainly accommodate your preference.

We hope this change makes it even easier to schedule reviews. As we start to use this new process, we’ll appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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