New Members Of KFG Team

Certified Financial Transitionist | Rick KahlerYou may have noticed new faces at KFG over the past year. With Sarah’s departure we added two new planners to our team: Christina Lynn, CFP®, and Brian Waldner, CFP®. Most of you have met Christina, who came on in December 2020 and is in her third year of obtaining a Ph.D. in Financial Planning. Brian started in December 2021. He has 20 years of investment and planning experience, holds the CFA© certifications, and lives in Boston, MA. They joined Nathan Gehring, CFP®, who is the senior member of the planning team and in his 17th year as a planner.

Some clients have wondered if the increase in staff means that I am not going to be in meetings anymore. While I have finally accepted that I am not getting any younger and inevitably at some point I will be in fewer meetings, my participation in client meetings won’t change greatly in the immediate future. I remain involved in the preparation of financial plans, investments, and participating in meetings, especially since my usual one to two weeks of travel per month has been nonexistent for the last two years.

Over the past few years, my goal has been to assemble a financial planning, investment, and operations team that exceeds my competencies. The intention is that sometime in the next five years I will begin to scale back my involvement in meetings as the planning and investment team assumes more responsibilities. My goal is to build such a phenomenal team that you will eventually hope I am not in your meeting!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Thank you for your trust in our team.


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