New Online Client Portal Now Available

orion-logo-smallWe recently rolled out an account management software conversion to Orion from AssetBook. This is the software that tracks the investment performance of your portfolio. The new Orion software features an online client portal as well as a mobile app that enables clients to access their account information using their computers, phones, or tablets. The mobile app can be accessed by searching Kahler Financial in the app store of your mobile device. The client portal makes it possible to view account balances, positions, and performance information. It also connects with Sharefile to provide an all-in-one place to view account statements.

1. Welcome Video. Upon logging in to your portal, you will be greeted by a short video with up-to-date information regarding the market or general information on performance that Rick and Nikolas believe are important to you. Once you view the video you can choose an option for the video to never appear again.

2. Home Page. After watching the video, you will be directed to the home page of your portal where you will see an overview of your accounts.

3. Group By Tab. You will have the option to view accounts grouped by individual account, asset category, or asset class by clicking on the “Group By” tabs above the pie chart.

4. Performance Tab. Under the performance tab at the top of the screen you will find return information that, again, can be grouped according to asset class, asset category, or individual account. If you wish to view asset class information for a particular account, you are able to click on the account in the side bar in order to show information for the single account rather than the whole household. To get back to the household view, click “All Accounts” in the side bar. Clicking on any of the arrows next to the performance categories will expand the category to show individual funds.

5. Holdings Tab. Under the Holdings tab at the top of the screen, you will find cost basis, price, and share information for individual holdings as well as the same grouped categories found in the previous tabs. The Activity tab will show any transactions made within a specified time period.

6. Documents Tab. Moving on to the Documents tab, the first tab you’ll see there is the Cloud storage tab. From there, you’ll be able to access reports that we have saved to your Sharefile account as well as run reports from the side bar to either view, print, or save yourself. You will also see that the side bar contains your TD Ameritrade statements as well as 1099 tax reports.

7. Tools Tab. Under the Tools tab at the top of the screen, you will be able to view a balance sheet that shows your overall net worth broken out between assets and liabilities. You’ll see above the bar graph, to the right of the Balance Sheet header, you have the option to “Add Account.” This option allows you to enter an asset or liability that is not currently housed within Orion to the Balance Sheet for the purpose of being able to see your full Net Worth in one place. Please note that this will not carry over into any other part of the system or show on any reports. Any additions will be shown in this tab only. You do have the option to print the Balance Sheet.

8. Updates Tab. In the Updates tab, you will find posts written by Rick and others here at KFG in the Commentary. From here, you also have the ability to add a task for your advisor in the side bar.

You may have noticed that every tab has included a section titled “Your Advisor” with a photo of Rick as well as contact information for KFG. Coming soon, you’ll be able to schedule a meeting with Rick and/or Sarah using this section of the portal. Under the physical address, you’ll see a link to “Schedule a meeting.” Upon clicking this link, you’ll be directed to a site that will list available meeting times to select. This is for your convenience; of course you’re still welcome to call to schedule a meeting if that is your preference.

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