Older Parents – CNBC Wants To Talk With You

A reporter from CNBC is looking to interview older parents with younger kids.  If you are in your 40’s or older and have young children, Dinah Brin is interested in speaking with you.  Here’s the text of a note she sent me today:

“I am interested in finding out what some of the special considerations are for older parents with young children — how do they plan for a retirement that may happen as the kids go off to college? Is it harder for them to get adequate life insurance? What are the financial and estate-planning issues these clients have raised with you and you with them? Are their “sandwich generation” issues more acute than those of younger parents? This is less of a financial matter, but do they have more trouble naming potential guardians in their wills?

Dinah tell’s me she’s an older parent herself, so that’s where the story idea originated from.  I’ll be speaking with her on Monday.  If this sounds like fun and you would like to be considered to be interviewed for the story send me an email at

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