One-Time Steben Teleclass Only For KFG Clients

We are very excited to have Troy Kuhn, the Regional Director of Steben & Company doing two teleclasses with us next week. He will be discussing our managed futures limited partnerships and providing some education on the asset class.  We will have two classes for each of the two limited partnership funds:

  • Futures Portfolio Fund. will be on Tuesday the 16th.  To register for this teleclass, click here.
  •  Seneca Global Fund will be on Wednesday the 17th. To register for this teleclass, click here.

Unfortunately, due to legal compliance for Steben & Company, the teleclasses will NOT be recorded. In order to hear the information, you will need to attend the live session.

Most of you are invested in one of these funds. If you take a look at your TD Ameritrade statements, you will find that you are probably invested in either Futures Portfolio Fund or Seneca Global Fund. If you aren’t able to determine which fund you’re in OR you aren’t in either and you want to attend, just give us a call and we can help.

Please join us for this educational session with Troy. We are very excited to have him join us, and would love to see a large turnout.

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