Powerful Passports

Have you ever thought about how many countries around the world accept your U.S. passport? At most recent count, you could enter 184 countries bearing the U.S.-issued document without having to get a prior visa, which is a lot but not the most. Passports issued by Japan and Singapore are good for entering 190 countries. Finland, Germany and South Korea (188), Denmark, Italy and Luxembourg (187), France, Spain and Sweden (186) and Austria, the Netherlands and Portugal (185) all issue passports more widely-accepted than the U.S,

Compare that with considerably less-powerful Syrian (29 countries without a visa), Iraqi (27) or Afghanistan (25) passports. Surprisingly, a passport issued by China will only get you into 71 countries without a visa.

The graphic shows the countries color-coded for how widely-accepted their passports are around the world. You can also look up individual countries on the Henley Passport Index website. When you see how many countries require their citizens to obtain visas before they can visit abroad, you realize all over again that it’s good to be an American.

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