Before You File Your Income Tax Return

Tax PlanningNow that the 2015 income tax filing season is upon us, we would like to remind you again about a few items regarding tax documents for your investments at TD Ameritrade.

  • You can access your tax documents directly through your online TD Ameritrade login when they become available. TD Ameritrade should notify you by email when they post 1099 documents to your account.
  • TD Ameritrade will also mail 1099s to the address on the account when they are available.
  • For those who have Steben managed futures limited partnership investments, Steben will send out K-1s by mail. They usually come out a few weeks after TD Ameritrade’s 1099s.
  • In 2014, the first 1099s were available around the third week of February. However, we suggest waiting until mid to late March at the earliest to file your return because it is quite common for one or more of your mutual funds to issue corrected information, which in turn prompts TD Ameritrade to issue corrected 1099s. Indeed, this occurred last year with several DFA funds, which prompted the release of a corrected 1099 in mid-March for some clients who held the affected funds in one of their taxable accounts.
  • Due to some uncertainty surrounding mutual funds having to issue corrected information, it may be worth filing an extension to diminish the risk of having to file an amended return.

We hope this information helps you plan your tax filing accordingly.

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