Reminder: Discovery Exercise Update Opportunity

Every four years we revisit the initial interior data gathering you did when you first became a client. These are the exercises we designed based on the research of Nobel Prize winner, Daniel Kahnneman, Ph.D.  Kahnneman found 90% of our financial decisions are made emotionally, not logically. Our research has found to the degree clients do this discovery work their anxiety around money and finances decreases and their peace of mind increases. 

When clients first start with us, we only spend one two-hour session to cover this information. As part of our ongoing financial planning services, we can offer up to ten one-hour sessions with Sarah to those of you interested in deepening your understanding and improving your relationship with money. 

This offer is open to all KFG clients for the next six months at no charge. Sarah’s normal hourly charge for this service is $150, however since these hours will count toward Sarah’s internship in Financial Counseling there is no charge.  The only downside is that Sarah’s time for this coaching or counseling is limited, so this offer is on a first come, first served basis. 

Email Sarah today to learn more at 

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