Rick Software Shops At (foggy) LA Tech Conference

photoRick spent time a few weeks ago in foggy–yes, foggy–LA talking with a number of our technology vendors and finding out what TNBT (the next big thing) is on the horizon. For KFG, TNBT is going to be performance software that works.

Many of you know we are in the 21st month of a conversion away from our 25-year-old performance software (CAMS) to a vendor called Asset Book.  So far, the product has not lived up to its stellar billing. So Rick spent a lot of time visiting with other performance vendors to consider options for switching to new software next year.

After traveling to Orlando recently to enjoy their fog, rain and 50-degree weather, and then making a trip to LA for more of the same, Rick is glad to be back in South Dakota. Even with our recent subzero temperatures, at least we could enjoy the sunshine.


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One Response to Rick Software Shops At (foggy) LA Tech Conference

  1. Jerry J. Boyer March 6, 2014 at 10:41 am #

    Great news to depart from ‘foggy’ Asset Book in quest for sunny modernized CAMS. As far as I’m concerned, a return to Asset Allocation Worksheet is all I need to adequately assess portfolio performance. To make the Worksheet ‘all encompassing’, the modern CAMS might include a Beginning Balance Column before Current Balance to observe fund progression. The Worksheet might have to be ‘landscape’ format to fit.

    Welcome home, Rick. Much thanks for seeking solution…Jerry