Welcome, Nathan Gehring

We are excited to welcome Nathan Gehring, CFP®, to the Kahler Financial team. Nathan joined the Kahler Financial team in July 2019, as a Financial Planner. He brings 14 years of experience and knowledge in financial planning to the table. Nathan entered the financial planning profession in 2005 and earned the CFP® designation in 2008. As an experienced financial planner, he brings a wealth of knowledge that can immediately benefit KFG clients. Nathan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Nathan believes that by helping people make well-considered financial decisions he has the opportunity to make the world a better place. He has served in a variety of roles in the financial planning profession and believes that good financial decision-making is about more than just numbers in a spreadsheet. He has been quoted in Forbes, Investment News, and a variety of other professional publications and has written items that have appeared in the Journal of Financial Planning and the NAPFA Advisor magazine.

Nathan delights in helping his children experience the world, spending time with his wife, and voraciously reading whatever has been put in front of him.  You may also often find him out for a long run somewhere in the world. He is an avid enthusiast of traveling long distances and exploring the world in one of the most intimate ways possible, on foot.

While Nathan has already hit the ground running at KFG behind the scenes, you will begin to see him attending client meetings alongside Rick and Sarah moving forward.  Nathan is the first fully virtual planner to join our team.  Although he will be working from Florida, he will definitely be working in his office every day.  One week every quarter, Nathan will also be joining us at the home office here in Rapid City.  Many of you will soon meet Nathan either online or in person at the office.    Either way, we believe Nathan will be a great asset to your financial planning experience at KFG.

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