Welcome To The KFG Client Connection

Welcome to the new newsletter/blog that is only for clients of Kahler Financial Group.  So, what’s different about this newsletter/blog from the one you’ve received from us forever, Financial Awakenings?

Our current newsletter,, is a public blog.  Anything I write on that is available to anyone on the Internet.  From time to time I’ve put specific information for clients, however, most of the time I limit blog posts to things that both clients and the general public will find interesting.

As a result, I’ve rarely blogged about items of specific interest to clients or that is of a proprietary nature:  happenings at TD Ameritrade, specific updates on our mutual fund managers, musings on tax strategies, links to helpful exercises, or anything else of a more private nature.

From this frustration, The KFG Client Connection is born.  This blog is a private blog.  It’s not sent out to the search engines and is only available to someone who knows where it is.  In the future, we will use this blog to communicate information to you that’s only of interest to you as a client.  This may be reminders of various deadlines, to send us your year end tax returns, when your annual tax information is ready for your accountant, managerial changes to your portfolio, etc.

We think it will enhance your relationship with us and allow us to serve you better.  We will be interested to hear your experience after a few months.

The downside?  You may receive more emails from us as you will still recieve the Financial Awakenings post that will have items of general interest and my weekly column.  Our intention isn’t to drown you in emails but to keep you informed.  Feel free to hit the delete button at will, however, if you are only going to read one blog, we would ask that you make it the KFG Client Connections blog!

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One Response to Welcome To The KFG Client Connection

  1. Joanne and Gary March 18, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

    Will do, as long as we get reminders! It would be nice if you included a new solitaire game or something once in awhile:) Just kidding.