What Do We Do All Day?

kfg_logoIn recent months KFG has made some changes designed to help us be more productive and provide the best possible client service. In addition to expanding our staff, we have shifted roles and redefined areas of responsibility.

Here is a brief overview of our process. Sarah and I serve as the primary relational planners for clients. We oversee the big-picture aspects of planning—the “what.” This helps clients identify needs, establish goals, and work toward changes that will help them build more balanced relationships with money.

The relational planning is supported by analytical planning and investment analysis—the “how” that focuses on the details which are necessary to carry out clients’ plans. Much of this detail work is done by Nikolas, Jill, and Lindsay, our financial planning associates, though Sarah and I also get to do enough of it to satisfy our number-crunching needs.

Nikolas and I stay on top of creating our model portfolios, setting the asset allocation, continually reviewing and selecting mutual fund managers, doing the weekly rebalancing, and executing the daily trading.

The rest of our staff members—Allison as chief operations officer, Lilly as client service specialist, and Shanna as data integrity manager and IT manager—all keep our processes and software operating smoothly so we can meet clients’ needs.

We thought you might like to know a little more about what various staff members do, so over the next few weeks we will post a summary of each person’s job description. Our aim is to go beyond listing responsibilities or job titles, focusing instead of day-to-day activities. That’s why we’re calling these posts “what we do all day.”

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