What We Do All Day: Alison Scherr

AlisonSmallAlison Scherr
Chief Operations Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer at Kahler Financial Group, I have very little client interaction. Instead, my job is to maintain the technology and processes that support the work we do for clients. I spend my days assessing our operating processes, expanding my knowledge of technology, managing projects and software conversions, analyzing firm efficiencies, and strategizing the future of KFG with our organization.

Having served in some capacity to many of the day-to-day functions at KFG, I have acquired a solid understanding of how to structure our workflows to allow us to automate more back-office tasks and focus our energies toward the more sophisticated areas of financial planning. Technology has come a long way in the past eight years, so I stay up to date with industry best practices and software solutions.

Once we choose a new technology, converting to it is my responsibility. Conversions are laden with projects, strategies, and the employment of human capital—which is a polite way of saying they can be incredibly frustrating and take up lots of time. I ensure that our agreements are met with the software providers and that business continues with minimal disruptions to current operations.

With new technology come new workflows and measurements of efficiency, client satisfaction, and return on investment. I measure firm efficiencies by monitoring metrics that have been implemented to trend data and hopefully heed any issues. The use of forecasting and capacity planning is allowing us to grow and structure our business model to be more efficient. Identifying improvement ideas and solutions is constant.

Part of my responsibility is to increase efficiency by leveraging certain components of the business, particularly in the investment realm. True financial planning, however, is unique to the individual and there is no one-size-fits-all solution across our clients. In order to plan for more clients, we need more planners. As we grow, we need to ensure that our growth is in keeping with the level of service we strive to provide to our clients. We like to be known for our innovative solutions and unconventional planning strategies and unprecedented dedication to our clients. While everyone else in the office is busy working more directly with clients, I am busy working to ensure we have capacity and processes in place to allow us to continue to deliver this level of service.

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One Response to What We Do All Day: Alison Scherr

  1. Joanne and Gary January 29, 2016 at 8:25 pm #

    We are impressed every time we read about all the things that happen just to keep us, your clients, on the cutting edge of financial planning. We do appreciate you, Alison, for all you’ve done to help us appear to know all about technology even though we know next to nothing!
    Love reading all about everyone’s job at Kahler Financial.