What We Do All Day: Jill Guericke


Jill Guericke
Financial Planning Associate

In my role as a financial planning associate, I hold various client-related duties that assist the financial planners in their roles. I gather insurance policies, tax returns, property deeds, legal documents, annuity and investment statements, and any other relevant documents. From time to time, I work with various other professionals including accountants, attorneys, and insurance agents to gather documents as well as help answer client questions.

As client circumstances change over time, I update information housed in various computer programs. It is important that all of our information is current, which helps to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of our analyses. I aid in the analysis of annuities and insurance documents. In the future, I will help analyze retirement plans and tax returns as well as help complete beneficiary and titling reviews, asset protection reviews, and estate planning reviews.

Another of my tasks is assisting in the rebalancing of client investment portfolios. This helps to improve returns by buying cheaper assets and selling more expensive assets as they move outside of the 20% volatility bands. At some point, I hope to obtain the CFP certification and begin to become more involved during client review and onboarding meetings.

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One Response to What We Do All Day: Jill Guericke

  1. Joanne n Gary February 12, 2016 at 4:09 pm #

    Sounds like you are a detail person: good for you. We are detail people but, as we age, sometimes forget where we have the details stored. SO, we are pleased to read that you are taking care of us!