What We Do All Day: Lilly Vaughn


Elizabeth (Lilly) Vaughn
Client Service Specialist, New Client Specialist, Account Manager, Finance Manager

If clients call or stop by the office, I am often the first person they talk to. As the Client Service Specialist, I schedule meetings with clients and prospective clients as well as greet visitors when they arrive at the office. Another related hat that I wear is the New Client Specialist, in which I assist new clients by scheduling their sequence of onboarding meetings and ensuring they are on track with their onboarding “homework”. I am often an initial point of contact for clients with general questions and also serve as an informational source for prospective clients.

I handle a range of client requests during a typical work day. Many of these requests are handled in my other role as Account Manager, which entails working closely with the firm’s dedicated service representative at TD Ameritrade to open new accounts, maintain existing accounts, and process client requests for cash.

Another role that I juggle during a typical day is that of the Finance Manager. In this role, I keep a close eye on the firm’s financial transactions, generate financial reports, and act as liaison to the firm’s bookkeeper.

If there is time during the day when I am not occupied by my roles, I am working on miscellaneous projects related to my roles that help improve processes. The general focus of my projects is related to our CRM (customer relationship management) software, ShareFile, and the client-only area of our website.

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