What We Do All Day: Lindsay Luper


Lindsay Luper
Analytical Planning Associate, Compliance Manager, Human Resources Manger

Analytical Planning Associate. In this role, my newest one, I work very closely training with Sarah learning para-planning. This work involves analyzing client’s insurance policies, estate documents, and retirement goals in preparation for going over a detailed plan with them and making recommendations based on their specific situations/needs. I am also currently enrolled in the coursework to sit for the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) exam. I have found that working with clients in this way (versus the operational roles I used to hold) is satisfying a true desire of mine to be more involved with our clients. One of my favorite accountabilities under this role is being in the meetings, interacting with our clients on this level, taking notes, and following up directly with them. I enjoy assisting our clients in completing tasks that can often be viewed as tedious. I look forward to growing and gaining more planning experience as I continue in this role.

Compliance Manager. I am also very involved in the detailed compliance regulations that go along with running a financial planning firm. In this role, I work very closely with a compliance attorney who helps us keep all our compliance records up to date with the ever-changing regulations, so we are always ready for an SEC auditor to show up unannounced. The work required for this role includes knowing the details of the firm’s history, so naturally working at Kahler Financial for the past 10 years in various roles allows for much of that information to be stored in my memory bank.

Human Resources Manager. Of the various other roles I’ve had throughout the years, one I’ve consistently held is that of Human Resources manager. This mainly involves handling the details of our firm’s employee benefits, making sure we have proper employee-related processes in place, and attempting to stay up to date on current labor laws.

As I continue to move out of my previous roles, I am still very involved in helping those who now hold them transition into them, and I’m always still available for project-related tasks involving operational work. One example would be around the electronic document management software we use. Being the one who originally scanned every document into this system when we first implemented it eight years ago, I do still hold much of the knowledge around the software itself. A big clean-up project is now in order, and I anticipate being involved in that.

I so very much enjoy working for this company, and often tell Rick that I am willing do just about any role as long as I still get to be a part. We have an amazing team, and I take pride in what each team member has to offer. I am finding that the planning role is a great fit for me, as it gives me the interaction with clients that I enjoy greatly and also allows me to more easily put hours in remotely. As many of you may have noticed, my actual in-office hours differ from most others since my husband and I live on a ranch 85 miles south of Rapid City. Some 75% of my hours are put in remotely, either from my mother’s dining room table while the kiddos are in school or from home on the range. It’s also not unusual for me to respond to emails via my phone while feeding cows from the tractor or some other ranch task. I feel very fortunate to work for such a company that allows me to multi-task in such a way!

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2 Responses to What We Do All Day: Lindsay Luper

  1. Joanne and Gary January 22, 2016 at 10:07 am #

    It’s so fun to read these “What we do all day” posts: everyone has a smile on his/her face while working on “our” financial needs and enjoys their daily tasks.
    When Gary and I were working we had the same attitude toward our daily work: we enjoyed it so much that we brought home work and didn’t even mind that.
    It’s a good thing when a person enjoys what they are doing for at least 1/3 (or more) of their daily life and makes the entire 24 hours deeply, personally satisfying.

  2. jerry January 22, 2016 at 10:10 am #

    Great story…more, please 🙂