What We Do All Day: Shanna Shipley

ShannaSmallShanna Shipley
Data Integrity Manager and IT Manager

Data Integrity Manager. As the Data Integrity Manager at Kahler Financial, I maintain our investment software to ensure that the data in each client household is reporting properly. On a weekly basis, I set up and maintain new client accounts within the various software programs. I also monitor new and existing accounts to verify that they are aggregating consistently.

In addition to maintaining the integrity of the data in our software programs, I produce the periodic performance reports for client meetings. This involves running several reports using various reporting programs and verifying their accuracy before sending them on to be placed in the binder that is sent to the clients.

I also regularly take on projects. Recently, my attention has been focused on completing a large portfolio management software conversion from AssetBook to Orion. This process has involved reconciling the account information transferred to Orion to ensure that the data transferred correctly. This includes verifying return data as well as transactional data across both systems. A portion of this project has included building new periodic performance reports to be used in the client meetings. This new software will allow for the various reports to be consolidated into one going forward.

IT Manager. As the IT Manager for Kahler Financial, I manage all IT relationships and address any potential issues that arise. This role does not include any tasks that I perform on a routine basis, but rather is oriented towards need-based tasks. I address any software or IT based needs or problems, including coordinating and troubleshooting computer and phone hardware as well as operational software. I also maintain, repair, and research new office equipment such as computers, phones, and printers.

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